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Microprocessor Generation

Invention: 3D Graphics

Date: 2002-2013. 3d-cube-cubes-box-boxes-background-thumb4795080.jpg

Description: Three Dimensional figures that will pop or stick out of a page. Featured in movies,T.V. shows, and books. All 3D Graphics are solids. They have length, height, and depth. Most three dimensional have different names like for a square it would be cubed.

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"3D Cube Cubes Box Background Stock Photo- Image: 4795080."

Inventor: Marc Hannah

Birth Date - Death Date:October 13,1956hannah_marc(t).gif
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois

Brief biography:Marc Hannah went to the Illinois Institute of technology. In 1892 he co-founded silicon graphics. Hannah's graphics were used to create movies and commercials. He received an award from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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By:Megan, Mary.