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Invention: Apple

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Date: 1976

Description: Apple was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs garage. Computers and Electronics. The Apple sign was originally rainbow. The Apple company was very successful. They wanted their devices to be small and accesible.

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Inventor: Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs- Birth Date- February 24,1955. Death Date- October 5, 2011
Birth Place: Steve Jobs- San Francisco, California.
Brief biography: Steve Jobs-Went to a college in Portland called Reed College, He returned to his birth state to look for a job. He was then hired to make videogames, and wanted to be involved with his friend wozniaks new activities in electronics.

Inventor: Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak- Birth Date- August 11, 1950.
Birth Place-Steve Wozniak- San Jose, California.
Brief Biography: Steve Wozniaks- He went to University of California, Berkeley. With his education, he invented Apple I computer. He also developed Apple II, which made Apple a major company in micro computing. He now is Fusion-IO's chief scientist.

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