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Artificial Intelligence Generation

Invention: Sirihero.jpeg

Date: 22 January 2013

Description: In October, 2010, Apple Incorporated introduced Siri to the public. They first added it on to the Iphone 4S as a voice enabled virtual assistant helper which understands what you say or ask. Decades of SRI research in artificial intelligence, including the largest known artificial intelligence project in U.S. history, led to the makings of Siri. SRI international started working on Siri in 2007 to bring the technology to consumers. Later, Apple uses Siri in the Iphones and Siri is still a hlepfull tool today.

Bibliography: "Siri, the Virtual Personal Assistant for the Apple iPhone." SRI International. 2012. Retrieved 24 January 2013 <http://www.sri.com/work/timeline/siri>.

Inventor: Dag Kittlaus


1967- N/A:
Birth Place: Norway

Brief Biography:
Dag Kittlaus is a forty-five year old man from Norway and lives in Chicago. He once got a phone call from Steve Jobs offering him to join Apple. The reason was because of the startup called Siri. According to articles, Dag Kittlaus was one of the people who helped launch “the first true automated Virtual Personal Assistant for mobile devices”. (9TO5 Staff, 2012). By 2007, he had started creating Siri. Today, Dag Kittlaus has quit the Apple Company and is now writing a novel.

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