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Invention: COBOL

Date: 1959

Description: Cobol means common business oriented language. Cobol is an early programming language. It has gone through several adjustments. In attempt to fix the difference between different versions of COBOL the American National Standards Institute made a standard form of it. In 1974 a version with numbers and features was made. It does many things like making the computer able to make long names fit on the computer. It is also very good for printing accounting reports.

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Inventor: Grace Hopperh96919k.jpg

Birth Date - Death Date: December 9, 1906- January 1, 1992
Birth Place: New York City

Brief biography: Grace Hopper graduated from Vassar College with degree in math and physics. In 1931 she started teaching math at Vassar College. Later on she got her PHD at Yale University. In 1949 she worked with John Eckert and John Mauchly on the UNIVAC computer. She invented the compiler in 1952. She also was in the Navy for most of her life. She invented COBOL because there was only one other business computer language and she wanted to provide the foundations of COBOL to the world.

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