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Integrated Circuit Generation Generation

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Invention: IBM


Description: CTR's name was officiall changed to IBM on February 14,1924 after Thomas J. Watson became president of the company. The name was changed because the rapid growth of the company made the old name too limited. By then IBM expanded across the world, including 3 new manufacturing plants in Europe.

Bibliography: "1920s." IBM.retrieved 6 Feb. 2013 <http://www-03.ibm.com/ibm/history/history/decade_1920.html>.

Inventor: Thomas J. Watson

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Birth Date: 1874 - Death Date: 1956
Birth Place: Campbell, N.Y.

Brief biography: Thomas J. Watson was born in Campbell, N.Y. in 1956. When he was 18 he got a job as a bookkeeper, then later sold sewing machines and pianos. Watson got a job as a salesman with the National Cash Register Company in 1895. He married Jeannette M. Kittredge in 1913 and had 4 children. In 1914, Watson became manager of Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co (CTR) In 1914. He became president of the company a year later. CTR became IBM in 1924. When Watson died in 1956, President Eisenhower said "In the passing of Thomas J. Watson, the nation has truly lost a fine American." He died when he was 82 years old.

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