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Transistor Generation ( 1956 - 1964 )

Invention: PDP-8 Straight Power Supply

PDP-8 Straight Power

Date: March 22, 1965

Description: Was made on March 22, 1965. Power Supply that can give 10-15 volts of energy. Standard pulse of energy was 100 nanoseconds. In the 1960's it powered transistor computers. Standard cost today is about $20 - $30.

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Inventor: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Digital Equipment Corporation Logo

Birth Date - Death Date: Started in 1957
Birth Place: Maynard, Massachusetts
Brief biography: The DEC is responsible for making many NEW inventions in the 1950's - 1960's. These inventions included the PDP-8 and Transistor Computer. The DEC was opened in 1957.
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