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Invention: Pixar Animation

Date: Began 1979 - Still in production

Description: A software made by Alvay Ray Smith and Ed Catmull, that could make 3D figures quick and easy for a movie or short film. They also used it to make 3D X-rays for doctors. It first helped make Tubby the Tuba and Tin Man. Then in May 5, 2006 got sold to The Walt Disney Company and succesfully made movies. Some of them include Toy Story 3 and Ratatouille, both Academy award winners.

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Inventor: Ed Catmull

Birth Date: March 31, 1945 - Death Date: AliveAMPAS+Scientific+Technical+Awards+Dinner+0CunKCBQBH8l.jpeg

Birth Place: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Brief biography: He is married to Susan and had 5 children. He has gotten 5 academy awards. He is currently the president of Walt Disney Animation Studios. He is President and Co-Founder of PixarAnimation Studios.

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